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In the Beginning --UN /UNESCO

Little Foxes Eat Our Grapes

Hiss Opens Pandora's Box

Debt Slavery

Keynesian Economics

The Revolution Was

Socialists in Tandem




  If you think Western civilization is on the skids, get acquainted with the people who greased the slide---


by Ellen McClay

 A History of the Malignant Effects in American Schools

 of the U.N.'s UNESCO:  Its Transformation of American Society,

from the lips of those who did it


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            The Story of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and  Cultural Organization

                     NOW, in the comfort of your computer chair, you can learn about the traitors in the State Department, the Treasury Department, the White House, whose betrayals at Dumbarton Oaks, Bretton Woods, Yalta, San Francisco fashioned the world in which you live today, creating the chaos of the new world order, which would have you surrender your sovereignty to an international clique of robbers.

Their names may seem familiar, but do you know what they really did?  Do you know their legacy affects your child in school and thereby threatens the future of American national sovereignty?

                  WHY do American school children say:  I pledge allegiance to the World, to cherish every Living Thing, to care for Earth and Sea and Air, with Peace and Freedom everywhere."

                                          Instead of

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation UNDER GOD, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."    

                                                Where DID

Americans learn to hate the land of their birth?  They learned it in school, when the schools began using textbooks under the imprimatur of UNESCO,   which talked peace but waged war--clandestine war--underground war on America's children in America's public schools--without the knowledge or consent of American parents.

            For sixty-three years American schools have annually spewed forth about 3 million graduates of that war into American society, victims of the most massive brainwashing program ever attempted in order to undo the results of the American Revolution.

            In 1945 Communist agents in the State Department with the aid of their internationalist sympathizers set out to destroy the warp and woof of America's culture by seizing control of the nation's textbooks.  

            Speak peace but practice war--

            Under the auspices of planners in the State Department with Alger Hiss and Dean Acheson among the guidance counselors at the three plotting conferences, Dumbarton Oaks, Bretton Woods, and finally San Francisco, unveiled Roosevelt's Road to Ruin, the UNESCO, IMF, and World Bank, entangling our finances inextricably with all the socialist have-not nations of the world at the same time deliberately destroying American pride in the product of the American Revolution against tyranny.

            This underground war on concepts uniquely American through textbooks began surfacing within months of the formation of UNESCO--United Nations Educational, Science, and Cultural Organization.  UNESCO's preamble declares, "Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences (sic) of peace must be constructed."  They declared their own war of subversion.  In 1947 an examination of just one set of texts by a California Senate committee found the books "unfit for use in American schools."  As the committee stated, from these books the reader would never find anything good about the country.

            Clearly this was the beginning of a universal hatred of the United States which like a virus, grew and spread with every new textbook.  Only two years later, in 1949, so many texts had been published the national Sons of the American Revolution petitioned Congress for an investigation "of the interstate traffic and propaganda textbooks and teaching materials being introduced in the public schools of the Several States, to overthrow constitutional government and to bring about the adoption of a Social Welfare State. 

            "Our schools are being converted into agencies for the dissemination of radical propaganda, much of which originates in Communist front organizations! Gullible or indoctrinated 'liberals' supporting these organizations appear to be responsible for this condition.

            "We believe the people, and particularly the parents of children in our public schools, have a right to know what is going on and what is proposed for our American youth." 

            American schools have been and are an adjunct of the most viciously anti-American propaganda outfit ever conceived. Anyone who claims to be a patriot,  and leaves their children in these tax-supported brainwashing facilities is betraying their own beliefs. 

            "If there is anything UNESCO dislikes, it is patriotism.  It wants to replace it with what it calls world-mindedness.  In order to bring this about, it must wipe out of the minds of our youngsters respect and admiration and love for American traditions and the American way of life and instill in their place respect and admiration and love for all the countries of the world.  Logically, this could only bring respect and admiration and love for the socialist and fascist and communist way of life which is prevalent in those countries."  (John T. Flynn, commentator of the era)

            This clearly has been successful. 

         UNESCO doesn't want your children to know the uniqueness of our Republic -- they rank the U.S. as no different from any other form of government.  Well, it didn't start out that way -- no matter what has been done to it since.  Anti-Americanism is taught in American schools from kindergarten through graduate school!

Explore UNESCO, the unseen silent enemy of everything American.  

  • Why America's Founders disappeared from American textbooks.

  • Who patterned the U.N. Charter after the  Soviet constitution -- not the American Constitution

  •  Why you will never get Darwin's Theory of Evolution out of American schools

  •  Why the U. N. flag looks so much like the Soviet Military Arms flag (see picture below)

______ 1952, Los Angeles HeraldExpress 

  •    The idea of a "living Constitution" which can  be altered without  following the Constitution's procedures as required by law, originated with the Communist Party. This is how judges are becoming activists and making laws, rewriting the Constitution one step at a time.

  •    How did we get into the financial mess we are in today?  Nobody looks beyond Wall Street and Washington to the international banks and bankers who are controlling the finances of the world.  The more money you owe, the richer you are, was the philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, co-founder of the IMF and the World Bank.  His co-founder was a secret Soviet agent planted in the U.S. Treasury Department, Harry Dexter White.   Neither of these two plotters liked the United States.  While UNESCO was dumbing down the children, Keynes' and White's philosophy was destroying the country financially.  

These are just some of the subjects  explored in this new paperback book,  available on order:

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   In the Presence of Our Enemies, a new paperback,  details UNESCO's origin, meticulously and painstakingly researched to give you  facts which have always been obscured--how America's schools have been the object of social and cultural changes by slow poison--just as little drops of water over long periods of time wear away stone, creating stalactites and stalagmites, unrecognizable as the stones from which the erosion started.  You need to know who they were and what they did -- behind your back -- and what are the sources of the cultural wars now being fought in classrooms and courtrooms.  This is part of the conflict of the ages which started with Lucifer's revolt in Heaven, extended through the tower of Babel down to modern times and the 20th century Tower of Babel on New York's east side -- the so-called "United Nations," which celebrated its 60th anniversary last year -- having produced more wars than in all history.

   Culled from hundreds of government documents, histories, textbooks, the end goal has always been world government, a world society, a world religion, now under construction by UNESCO and friends for 2020.